Biotech Studies 2024, Vol 33, Num, 1

Research advances of deciphering Shalgam microbiota profile and dynamics

Mustafa Yavuz 1 ,Halil Rıza Avcı 1

1 Central Research Institute of Food and Feed Control, Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, 16160, Osmangazi, Bursa, Türkiye DOI : 10.38042/biotechstudies.1422918 - The relationship between the microbiota and their functions in the quality and characteristic flavors of the fermented foods that provide them autochthonous attributes has been remained elusive, so far. With the demand in elucidating the microbiota of the autochthonous fermented foods, the characterization of the shalgam microbiota via culture-dependent and culture-independent methods has been carried out. To shed light on shalgam microbiota harboring Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and yeasts, microorganisms isolated from shalgam have been identified by culture-dependent methods including 16S rRNA and ITS (Internal Transcribed Spacer) gene regions sequencing, RAPD-PCR, Rep-PCR, and API CHL50. Culture-independent characterization methods such as 16S rRNA and ITS meta-barcoding sequencing were performed to pinpoint the microbial diversity within shalgam. More recently, bioinformatics and in vitro analysis of bacteria and yeast isolated from shalgam to find prospective probiotics and elucidate shalgam microbiota dynamics due to the types of salts used in shalgam production have been reported. In this review, we intend to collate the data on microorganisms identified via culture-dependent and cultureindependent methods. Taken together, we presented a broad perspective on the shalgam microbiota and how future endeavors in shalgam microbiota research can move forward. Keywords : Shalgam microbiota Culture-independent Culture-dependent methods Lactic acid bacteria Yeast