Biotech Studies 2020, Vol 29, Num, 2     (Pages: 62-68)

In vitro androgenesis in pepper and the affecting factors on success: I. Carbon source and concentrations

Hayati Bat 1 ,Mina Shidfar 2 ,Nuray Çömlekçioğlu 3 ,S. Şebnem Ellialtıoğlu 4

1 United Genetics Turkey Vegetable Seeds Company, Çekmeköy, Istanbul 34788, Turkey.
2 R&D Tissue Culture Laboratory, United Genetics Turkey, Mustafakemalpaşa, Bursa 16500, Turkey
3 Department of Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, Eskişehir Osmangazi University, Odunpazarı, Eskişehir 26160, Turkey
4 Department of Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, Ankara University, Dışkapı, Ankara 06110, Turkey
DOI : 10.38042/biost.2020.29.02.02 - In vitro androgenesis methods are significant in rapid production of completely homozygous lines. Factors such as nutrient medium composition, types and concentrations of carbohydrate sources are effective on androgenetic success. Different sugar types were tested at different doses in anther culture of pepper to elucidate their influence on the yield of androgenesis. In this study, maltose was used as a source of sugar at 1.5, 3 and 6% doses. 3% sucrose was used as the control treatment. Murashige & Skoog (1962-MS) medium and 0.25% activated charcoal, 15 mg L-1 silver nitrate (AgNO3), 4 mg L-1 naphthaleneacetic acid (NAA), and 2 different amounts of 6-benzylaminopurine (0.5, 1 mg L-1 BAP) with three breeding lines of pepper were used to know the genotypic effects on haploid embryo formation. When comparing 1.5, 3 and 6% maltose and 3% sucrose with each other in the medium, embryo response increased with maltose concentration. Maltose, which was generally compare to sucrose as carbohydrate source for anther culture, the embryo response had significantly affected at maltose concentrations. The combination with the best effect among the trial parameters was 30 g L-1 maltose and 0.5 mg L-1 BAP for obtaining embryos from anther culture. Also, it was found that genotype is one of the main factors affecting success in pepper anther and microspore culture. Keywords : Anther culture Capsicum annuum L. Haploid Maltose Sucrose