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Biotech Studies 2021, Vol 30, Num, 2     (Pages: 079-085)

Genome-wide analysis of Fragaria vesca Three-Amino-Acid-Loop-Extension (TALE) genes

Gizem Kabak 1 ,Seray Şahsuvar 1 ,Sıla Turgut 1 ,Şeyma Gökdemir 1

1 Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Baskent University, Bağlıca, 06790 Ankara, Turkey DOI : 10.38042/biotechstudies.977788 - The present study is aimed to identify and characterize the three-amino-acid-loop-extension (TALE) genes in Fragaria vesca as bioinformatics. TALE superclass homeoproteins have important roles in regulating certain signal pathways in the plant system. However, there is no knowledge about the role of TALE genes in Fragaria vesca. According to this study, a total of 18 candidate FvescaTale genes were identified. Identification of motifs, exon and intron analysis, genome mapping, localization in the cell, three-dimensional modeling, and ontology analysis were made according to these genes. This bioinformatic analysis revealed that FvescaTale genes might play an important role in stress response for Fragaria vesca cultivars and suggests that these genes could be used as functional markers for in silico analysis for future studies. Keywords : TALE Fragaria vesca Genome-wide identification