Biotech Studies 2014, Vol 23, Num, 1     (Pages: 007-013)

Utilization of Mixolab in Bread Wheat Quality Evaluation

Mehmet ŞAHİN 1 ,Seydi AYDOĞAN 1 ,Aysun GÖÇMEN AKÇACIK 1 ,Sümerya HAMZAOĞLU 1

1 Bahri Dağdaş Uluslararası Tarımsal Araştırma Enstitüsü, Konya - In this study, 7 varieties and 18 line winter wheat were used to examine the appropriateness of mixolab device for the evaluation of bread wheat breeding materials. Within this work, protein content, hardness, Zeleny sedimentation, bread volume and bread weight analysis of the wheat samples, in beside of the rheological properties of wheat flour were tested by mixolab device. The relationship between some quality characteristics of wheat genotypes were investigated by mixolab device. According to the obtained results by the mixolab values and wheat genotype characteristics; relationship between the C1 value and protein content and Zeleny sedimentation, the C2 value and hardness, the C4 protein content and Zeleny sedimentation negative and significantly important (P<0.05); The relationships between C1-C2 and protein content, Zeleny sedimentation, hardness and bread weight negative and significantly important and beta angle with protein content and hardness were also significant (P<0.05). It was concluded that miksolab is a suitable device for the evaluation of quality characteristics of (as quality protein, enzymatic activity, starch retrogradation, etc.) bread wheat breeding materials. Keywords : Bread wheat, Mixolab, protein, bread volume